Can Flex Seal replace the professionals?

 Marc’s Review

As I was doing research for Flex Seal on the internet I came across quite a number of Flex Seal reviews that people decided to share online. One such blog, from a man named Marc who lives in Auckland, caught my eye as I too had been in his situation. This is a summary of what Marc wrote.

According to Marc, a storm had damaged a portion of the roof on his house which had resulted in a leak forming every time that the weather turned sour. As any homeowner knows, a leaky roof is an absolute disaster and really can cause a lot of damage if left untended.

At first Marc tried to fix the problem himself, but having no knowledge about such things – like a lot of people I’d imagine – he only succeeded in getting wet and frustrated! So what to do next?

Marc wrote that his next step was to approach a company that specialises in roofing and supplying roof sealant. This company sent out a representative to Marc’s house, estimated the damage, and told Marc that it would cost $300 to fix his leaky roof! $300 for a hole in the roof!!!

At this point of Marc’s Flex Seal review things started to get all too familiar for me as I too had been charged ridiculous amounts of money by so called professionals to fix a problem that took all of a bit of five minute to solve with Flex Seal.

Luckily for Marc though, he wisely decided to try out a variety of home products first before going off and hiring someone to fix the leak in his roof. He bought three different types of roof sealant, one of which was Flex Seal and, like me, found it to be all that he needed. Another happy customer!!! I’ll always on the lookout for more Flex Seal reviews so feel free to drop me a comment!

Marc’s comments:

“This product did exactly what it said it would, and saved me hundreds of dollars. Was so fortunate and relieved that I tried Flex Seal first for myself, really is a top notch roof sealant…”

“In terms of actually using Flex Seal, the climb up to the roof was the most difficult part of the process! I never had to climb that ladder again. It has rained at least twenty times since, and there has been no more leaking from my roof…”

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