My experiment with Flex Seal and a draughty window

 Flex Seal reviews: Draughty window

I will be honest – this was something I did more out of boredom than any real worthwhile reason. Personally I had no problem with the window, but my wife insisted that that there was a draught coming in through the sitting room window. So I, being the dutiful husband that I am, took to the job of easing my wife’s worries.

I was also rather eager and interested in seeing what kind of job Flex Seal would do on the window after it had worked so splendidly as a roof sealant. I had fixed the problem that I had originally bought the Flex Seal for and yet still had the majority of the sealant still in its can. I won’t lie, I was itching for a reason to experiment with it!

After applying the rubberized sealant and allowing it to dry, I was left a little concerned that it might look a bit obvious on the window frame where I had sprayed it. However, once I had touched up the spot with some original trim paint my worries quickly faded – no-one would ever know that there had been a repair. It blended in so well that my wife at first did not believe that I had even done anything!

So there you have it; another hurdle for Flex Seal successfully cleared. I really am over the moon with this product as it is far more than just a roof sealant. The only problem I have now is that I have to wait until something else breaks before I can use it again!!! Even though saying that, the china bowl on the kitchen table does look as if it’s rather precariously placed…:)

I am always looking for other people’s experiences and Flex Seal reviews so feel free to drop me a comment on this link! Thanks!

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