Aero Grip Sprayer Review

Hell again and welcome to my site – I set up this site so I could give people honest and comprehensive reviews of the Flex Seal product and any other products I have found that may be used in conjunction with this sealant. All my reviews are based on my own experiences as I would never write about a product that I have not personally tested.

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As with every product that has ever been created, almost instantly the people who created said product have begun thinking of how to improve the product they just created! This is just human nature. So, the question is, how can you make a can of rubberized sealant better???

To be honest there is not a whole lot that can be done! A can of sealant is pretty straightforward and hard to improve on. However, after doing a bit of research, I did come across one attachment that can be used with the Flex Seal can that does definitely make it easier to use. This attachment is known as the Aero Grip Sprayer.

I bought this sprayer more out of curiosity rather than any real need, but once I had used it I was pleased that I had made the purchase. While the Flex Seal can is extremely easy to use, over time the nozzle of the can may become harder to press as unused sealant dries and hardens. The Aero Grip Sprayer neutralizes this problem, however, as it does all the pressing action.

In addition, this sprayer negates the need to wear gloves when using this sealant as the grip on the sprayer keeps your hands clear of the exuding rubber sealant. This is a real benefit as rubberized sealant is very sticky!

The really great thing about this sprayer, and the main reason why I decided to pick one up, is that you get it absolutely free when you purchase a can of Flex Seal Brite! Handy I know! My verdict is that the Aero Grip Sprayer is not an essential product but it certainly is one that does make life easier, especially when it is available for free. Up to you!


Below is a quick video of the Aero Grip Sprayer in action just in case you wanted to see it with your own eyes. It makes a brief appearance at 1:24 if you want to skip ahead!

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One thought on “Aero Grip Sprayer Review

  1. Unfortunately I purchased flex seal, then saw the tv ad offering the aero grip
    Sprayer. The Flex Seal is wonderful, but my hands are arthritic and it’s hard
    to spray. Is the aero grip sprayer available for purchase separately?
    If so, that would be more than wonderful!
    Thanks for a reply.

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