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Flex Seal Review

Flex Seal sprayHello and welcome to my site which gives a detailed and honest review of the Flex Seal product. I, like a lot of homeowners, was once plagued by leaking roofs and gutters for years and I used to dread the sight of rain. After trying a varying array of roof sealant products and so-called professionals, I was eventually introduced to Flex Seal spray by a friend.


Before I begin my Flex Seal review, here is a quick video that I found on the product which I found very helpful. Enjoy.



What exactly is Flex Seal spray?

In Lehman terms, Flex Seal spray is a can of liquid sealant that covers cracks and leaks with a rubberized coating. This liquid form makes it easy to seep into holes and cracks so as to seal them perfectly. This is what makes this product different and, in my opinion, superior from the other sealants on the market today.

Typical sealants usually consist of a dry, rubber like substance and as a result are quite difficult to apply as they tend to be quite sticky and messy. However, with Flex Seal spray, not only does it completely cover visible leaks, it gets deep into cracks so as to ensure that they are closed inside and out.


Where can I use Flex Seal?

Flex Seal is best used on gutters, pipes and roofs, but in my experience it can be used on pretty much any surface. I purposefully tried using Flex Seal spray on several different surfaces, just for experimenting purposes, and found that the finish looked smooth and stable on each surface. It does not have any limitations. Most other rubber sealants can only be used in areas that are not exposed to too much water, heat or moisture.

Initially the liquid comes out black as it is sprayed, but when it dries it can then be painted to match any surface. I found that other rubber sealants, though they also came out in dark colors, couldn’t really be painted over which therefore made them difficult to conceal. With this liquid sealant, however, surfaces look untouched after they are covered with paint.

 Other benefits of Flex Seal spray!

  • Flex Seal can be applied as a roof sealant even if it is raining! So instead having to wait for fine weather to fix your leaks, just throw on some rain gear and get the cracks sealed BEFORE your house becomes a swimming pool! This really is a life saver in my opinion.
  • Another advantage of this product is that it is formulated for easy spraying and comes out of the can very evenly. I found it easy and quick to apply which was a blessing considering the amount of leaks and cracks that I had to seal up!
  • Even though I have only recently applied Flex Seal spay, my friend who first introduced me to the product assured me that the sealant is strong enough to last for years. No cracking, peeling, flaking or any sign of wear can be seen in the places where he used it. Believe me; I looked before I bought a can of my own!
  • The main benefit, and obvious one, of Flex Seal is that it will help save you money. No professional service needed as homeowners can use this new liquid sealant spray by themselves.
  • In addition, it is easy to carry: There is no need to by those bulky and heavy pails of rubber sealant.

Is there a downside to Flex Seal?

As part of my Flex Seal review, I felt it only right to comment on some negatives that I personally found out about this product and also that I read from other users online:

  • This product is primarily a roof sealant but can be used indoors. However, if doing so, then it is a good idea to have proper ventilation, as in have a window open whilst spraying.
  • Larger cracks or holes may need several Flex Seal layers in order for a successful covering, but because it is such a friendly-user product this is hardly a difficult or time-consuming task.
  • After each usage, you must invert the can and apply a quick burst to clear the spray nozzle. This is just to make sure that the can doesn’t get blocked up as excess sealant hardens in the nozzle.

I hope you enjoyed my review  and please feel free to read my other Flex Seal reviews that can be found in the right hand box! ==================================>



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Aero Grip Sprayer Review

Hell again and welcome to my site – I set up this site so I could give people honest and comprehensive reviews of the Flex Seal product and any other products I have found that may be used in conjunction with this sealant. All my reviews are based on my own experiences as I would never write about a product that I have not personally tested.

==>Click here to read my reviews of Flex Seal and Flex Seal Brite!!!<==

As with every product that has ever been created, almost instantly the people who created said product have begun thinking of how to improve the product they just created! This is just human nature. So, the question is, how can you make a can of rubberized sealant better???

To be honest there is not a whole lot that can be done! A can of sealant is pretty straightforward and hard to improve on. However, after doing a bit of research, I did come across one attachment that can be used with the Flex Seal can that does definitely make it easier to use. This attachment is known as the Aero Grip Sprayer.

I bought this sprayer more out of curiosity rather than any real need, but once I had used it I was pleased that I had made the purchase. While the Flex Seal can is extremely easy to use, over time the nozzle of the can may become harder to press as unused sealant dries and hardens. The Aero Grip Sprayer neutralizes this problem, however, as it does all the pressing action.

In addition, this sprayer negates the need to wear gloves when using this sealant as the grip on the sprayer keeps your hands clear of the exuding rubber sealant. This is a real benefit as rubberized sealant is very sticky!

The really great thing about this sprayer, and the main reason why I decided to pick one up, is that you get it absolutely free when you purchase a can of Flex Seal Brite! Handy I know! My verdict is that the Aero Grip Sprayer is not an essential product but it certainly is one that does make life easier, especially when it is available for free. Up to you!

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Flex Seal Brite

flex seal briteMy Review of the new Flex Seal product!

Hey there and welcome to my short review in which I talk about Flex Seal Brite. I have personally used this product and have tested it thoroughly. In my review I will give my honest conclusion concerning this product and whether it is worth buying or not! Hope you find it helpful!


Rather listen to a review of this product than read one? Perhaps this quick video will be more to your liking so! :)


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A Single Mother’s Review of Flex Seal

Hey again Jack here! As you must be well aware if you have looked at my site I like to trawl the internet looking for new info and insights on the Flex Seal product. The latest one to catch my attention was a short blog posted by a women named Jodie concerning her experience with this product. Enjoy!

Jodie’s review

Hello everyone! My name is Jodie, I’m a single mom from Dublin, Ohio and welcome to my Blog! If you know me then you will know that I like to write about things that I think are really useful for single moms (or any moms for that matter :) ). The latest thing I discovered Continue reading

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Flex Seal Used On A Toy Train Landscape!

Another great use for the amazing Flex Seal!!

Hey again, this is Jack with another cool Flex Seal review that I found online. This particular review really caught my eye as not only does it show that Flex Seal truly is a impenetrable sealant in terms of water leakage, it also shows just how flexible this product is in that it can be used in so many ways on pretty much any surface! Anyway have a look at the video below and Continue reading

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How To Correctly Use Flex Seal Spray

How to use?

Shake the can as directed by the instructions. Next lightly spray the entire leaky area with the Flex Seal sealant – it should appear out of the can in a solid black rubberized form. Spray from a distance of roughly 14 inches. Allow the first coat to dry overnight and then spray again the next morning once the surface is completely dry. It’s important to ensure that the previous coat is dry before you go about applying another. Also it’s wise Continue reading

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My Daughter’s Toy Horse

Have you ever had your daughter or son come up to with teary eyes while holding out there favourite toy which they have just broken? I have and it’s really depressing! Especially when you, as their supposed guardian, can do very little to fix back on Barbie’s head or the wheels of a toy car or whatever the problem may be!

Recently I was faced with just such a world-ending situation. My youngest girl had a plastic toy horse that she is rather fond of. Unfortunately for her, the horse, and myself, the toy is rather old and was beginning to feel the wear and tear of a life in the hands of a child. The plastic had been disintegrating Continue reading

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Useful Tips For Correctly Using Flex Seal

Here are three top tips that I found online that will help you use this product.


Tip 1: When spraying the product make sure to utilize something to cover the areas that you do not want to be sprayed. This will mean that you can easily specify a target area and also prevent the sealant from entering areas that have no need to be sprayed. In my experience I found that a piece of cardboard or paper works just fine. It is also a good idea to use sellotape on the edges of your cardboard/paper so as to make sure no displacement occurs mid-spray.

Tip 2: I personally think that it is a good idea to apply two coats of Flex Seal to the affected area and maybe more if needed. My reasoning for this is because I found that one coat Continue reading

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My experiment with Flex Seal and a draughty window

 Flex Seal reviews: Draughty window

I will be honest – this was something I did more out of boredom than any real worthwhile reason. Personally I had no problem with the window, but my wife insisted that that there was a draught coming in through the sitting room window. So I, being the dutiful husband that I am, took to the job of easing my wife’s worries.

I was also rather eager and interested in seeing what kind of job Flex Seal would do on the window after it had worked so splendidly as a roof sealant. I had fixed the problem that I had originally bought the Flex Seal for and yet still had the majority of the sealant still in its can. I won’t lie, I was itching for a reason to experiment with it!

After applying the rubberized sealant and allowing it to dry, I was left a little concerned that it might look a bit obvious on the window frame where I had sprayed it. However, once I had touched up the spot with Continue reading

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Slick Fix review

While I was doing my research for this review site I stumbled across another product that is not only great itself, but I think also works well in conjunction with Flex Seal as a necessary household tool. The product’s name is Slick Fix and basically it is a super-dry lubricant. Slick Fix makes just about everything it touches slide and glide with ease and all without the wet, sticky mess!

Some benefits of Slick Fix that I discovered:

  • Reduces surface friction and lasts for a long time.
  • It is odorless, greaseless, oil free, and does not stain.
  • The lubricant dries in seconds and it does not attract dirt or dust.
  • It is much slicker than silicone and it keeps parts and things moving like they should.
  • You can lubricate almost anything.
  • Excellent for repelling dirt, tar and bugs from car bumpers.
  • Stops Squeaks.

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